Community Yoga Collaborations

At Prakrti Yoga, we believe the real practice of Yoga happens the moment we step off the mat into the world.

Our mats, wherever they are – at the park, at home, at the studio…they represent a safe haven for many of us. Our yoga mats have seen more released emotions and tears than a therapist couch. We allow our exhausted, sometimes ill bodies and minds to recover, and we feel safe knowing our faithful, beloved mats are supporting us.

We realize and are thankful for the deepest depths of healing which arises from a deeply committed, consistent Yoga practice. We not only practice the mantra “Heal Yourself, Heal the World,” we bring it to life.

We don’t take it lightly.

We love our community,  and we want to make the healing benefits of Yoga accessible to all who need. In addition to in-studio financial scholarship opportunities and partnerships with doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals, we participate in community events and collaborations outside the studio to bring Yoga to those who would otherwise not have access and also to simply build stronger community bonds.

If you have ideas and suggestions in which we can help make our community a little healthier and a little happier, please reach out to us!