Pure Energy Therapy

Pure Energy Healing can be very difficult to explain. Experiencing and studying energy healing practices have taught me how certain energetic blocks negatively affect mental, physical, and even spiritual well-being.

Pure Energy Healing:

Takes an in depth look beyond symptoms such as addiction, anxiety, chronic pain, chronic fatigue or low self-esteem and troubled relationships

Considers the underlying cause and looks at it from an energetic perspective

Changes your momentum

Connects you to Your True Nature

Allows you to live fully from your heart

This healing module looks at the root causes of dis-ease and allows you to change it! It gives you the power to take the momentum you have, the direction you’re already heading in, and change it slightly so that your future changes dramatically.

Pure Energy Healing is not about immediate change, which is why it’s so powerful! In fact, after the healing, it may seem like not much has changed. The world will still look the same, but if you wait patiently, you’ll end up in a completely different place.

You will notice that YOU have changed.

A Pure Energy Healing Session is offered from a place of held space and unconditional love. From my heart to yours. This healing is available in person, over the phone or via Zoom Meeting.

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Pure Energy Healing destroys energetic blockages in order to break destructive energetic patterns that cause us to remain stuck in dis-ease of the body, mind, and Spirit. Like Reiki and other healing energy modules Pure Energy destroys what is no longer beneficial. However, Pure Energy also creates what is needed to best holistically serve the individual. Pure Energy is the most effective of energy healing modules to bring total balance into the chakras and into the body as deep as the cellular level. Pure Energy Sessions help reduce stress and encourages peace and ease.