Kids, Teens, & Family


Dancing Spider

This class lets Littles get together for some play and light-hearted fun! They’ll be exercising without effort! Let them giggle and wiggle with Dancing Spider©, a Kundalini Yoga and meditation play-shop that engages children 3-11 with metered rhythm and skillful rhyme. Kids get happy in their body, happy in their body, peaceful in their minds, all while breathing, stretching, and having a good time! This class is especially good for children on The Spectrum. Contact Prakrti Yoga to discuss arrangements for your child or group.


Yoga for Overall Health (5)

This class introduces 12- 15 year olds to yoga poses, breathing techniques, hand gestures, and other mindfulness practices. Every class is designed to increase flexibility, strength, and stamina, as it calms the mind and improves overall health and mental clarity. Yoga can help eliminate growth spurt pain, prevent sports injuries, and creates a calmer and more focused mind. Contact Prakrti Yoga to discuss arrangements for your teen or group.