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Unfortunately, class cards cannot be used towards class series, but Membership Plus Subscribers do get an additional discounted rate!  Registration is required.

Stress Relief

This Gentle Hatha Yoga Series is inspired by the teachings of Swami Shivapremananda, student of Swami Sivananda and founder of the Sivananda Yoga-Vedanta Center at Milwaukee, WI. This series is designed to assist and support you as you learn to incorporate and fully integrate daily practices of asana, mudra, pranayama, philosophy and meditation to help reduce stress related issues such as anxiety, grief, and depression, as well as physical health problems like body pain and adrenal fatigue. As part of your registration, you are invited to join a private FB group set up especially to support you more fully and to allow you to share your experiences between meetings. Registration is required.

Register by October 29 for a 25% discounted rate with code StressRelief25% 

After November 2, please contact Nikki via email or use the form below for registration details.

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Benefits of Yoga

Coming Soon – This twenty class series focuses on the benefits of yoga meets weekly and offers insights on the benefits of yoga. We will highlight how the practice of Yoga has positive effects on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of our Being. You may choose to purchase the whole series or pay for classes individually.  All levels are welcome.


Coming Soon  – The content in this Bhakti Meditation course contains essential teachings designed to guide both the beginner and experienced student. You will practice mindfulness exercises, mantras and meditations on a daily basis so you can begin to cultivate a new perspective that promotes more balance, peace and compassion in our lives. You will be fully supported and encouraged as you develop or renew your meditation practice.


Alignment (4)

Coming Soon! Moving Toward Balance is a BKS Iyengar inspired Hatha yoga class series is for beginners and seasoned yogis who wish to fine tune their practice for a deeper experience. This class will focus on beginning to intermediate poses, using props to explore different variations. Because each class builds on the other, by design this class encourages confidence to develop or strengthen a personal home practice.