Meet Claudia

Introducing Claudia Kloss, my Soul Sister, as written in her own Portuguese to English translation:

My given name is Claudia,  born in Brazil, where my journey begin.

My  first encounter with yoga was with my father”s pranayam( breathing exercises) earlier in the morning, I thought was weird and funny, also I used to watch the Hare Krishna’s dance and chant in the streets of Rio, which made me feel joyful.

As an adult the opportunity of moving to the USA was presented to me, I embraced right away. I enjoy adventures , however I didn’t foresee myself getting  ill, 4 months later. It was a shock as I always being healthy. My body, mind and soul fought my disease everyday. I lost myself within the pain and reach the edge of depression, I became the disease.

On my quest for a better quality of life, yoga was the only “exercise” I was able to endure. Not known what really yoga was about, I kept coming to class. I sow the benefits in my body and slowly in my mind.

With pass of time, my mind set shift; my disease wasn’t a monster anymore.

Because I couldn’t work, I spend days in bed, so I realize the disease was a gift, the gift of time; time to think of who am I , and  what the future would be living with my healthy condition.

That’s when Kundalini yoga found me. A friend gave me a gift card with 6 Kundalini classes with a mutual friend  being the Kundalini teacher. From the moment I had my first  Kundalini class, I felt serene, and looking at my teacher I dreamed of one day, be the teacher.

Later I moved from Florida to Tennessee, where I met my  teacher Ajeet Khalsa, with her guidance and blessings, the support of compassionate individuals,  this student’s dream is no longer a dream: I am a Teacher.

I found the skills necessary to balance my mind and strength my body with Kundalini yoga. It’s my aspiration to share with others my experience with Kundalini yoga, the yoga of awareness.

Claudia not only practices Kundalini every day, she is also a Yin and Hatha Yoga practitioner and a wonderful holistic health chef! Her food nourishes my body, her love nourishes my soul, and she subs my classes as needed (except for Yin) if I must be away from the studio for any reason.

Claudia can be found enjoying treats at Southland Books & Cafe and teaching at at The Bird & The Book. Be sure to check out her class schedule there, and join her at Prakrti Yoga, too!



Claudia specializes in Kundalini Yoga and has a passion to share her wealth of Restorative and Hatha Yoga knowledge, too!