Ayurvedic Practitioner Program

Are you ready to go deeper into your studies of Ayurveda?

I sure was!!

I’m going to be real here.

I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted it so badly I couldn’t stand it.

I wanted to combine my loves of psychology, nursing, and all things Yoga into a program to create an alternative, complementary holistic healing module for those suffering from stress and trauma induced chronic pain, health disorders and addictions, in particular body image and eating disorders.  During my own eating disorder recovery, I was quick to admit I was given the text book tools I myself studied in my university psychology and nursing courses. Something was missing, though. I knew I was merely going through the motions, telling my therapists and case workers what they wanted to hear. They didn’t seem to notice or care that most of my answers even came straight out of textbooks! I desperately wanted to get better. For treatment in another state, I had left behind my 4 year old son to be cared for by my mother. My baby needed his mommy to be healthy.

Just by chance one day on an outing to a bookstore, I found myself totally immersed in a book by B.K.S. Iyengar. I was reminded of my previous experiences with meditation and energy work abilities that I had suppressed due to lack of full understanding. I couldn’t put that book down, and I couldn’t ignore the still small voice telling me this was it.

That was the day I knew I was being called to share my own experiences to help other women struggling by teaching them Yoga and other holistic techniques.

For years, my question was HOW?

How can I make this happen? How can I afford it? How do I make this Spirit inspired vision a reality? Enter Yoga Veda Institute’s Ayurveda Practitioner program!

For years, there were not very many options for this mom on a strict budget with limited time! There were no schools anywhere near close enough for me to attend classes and travel was not an option. And there was certainly not a program to be found that was affordable!

I spent too much time feeling discouraged, until one day I decided to once again sit in meditation after praying for God’s will.

“Change your wording in Google.”


Yep. That’s seriously what I heard God say.

So I did as I was told.

And it appeared.

Ask and it shall be given … when the time is right!

And so began my Ayurvedic Practitioner studies.

Your gifts are unique to you.

Your life story is one that has the ability to help others heal or somehow create a better quality of life for another.

You, too, can find your voice in the field of Ayurveda.

I will even mentor you throughout your studies in Yoga Veda Institute’s Ayurvedic Practitioner Program!!

Let’s get started!!


Note: As a Yoga Veda Institute Affiliate, I receive compensation upon an enrollment into this program. I am an affiliate because I 100% support the Institute’s efforts to make Ayurveda affordable and accessible to all who wish to pursue this fascinating Wisdom of Life Science.