Yoga Veda Institute

Prakrti Yoga &  Holistic Health is excited to announce…

We are officially in partnership with Yoga Veda Institute.

We believe there is power in numbers. Together we are stronger. As a team we can make an impact on a broader scale throughout our local communities and throughout the world.

Because now more than ever the world needs change, and we’d love for you to become a difference maker, too!

It’s true we need support from our local community, but as a collective whole our energies, our passions, our lifestyles, and our deepest desires sometimes need something more.

How wonderful is it that today’s technology allows us to gather, from wherever we are in the world, within Shared Sacred Space which truly feeds our Souls!

At Yoga Veda Institute, I found quality continuing education programs taught by quality instructors, I found full support in my studies. I’ve made new connections with other students and small business owners, and I’m looking forward to those connections turning into quality friendships.

Quality …

You already know that Prakrti Yoga & Holistic Health wants to service you with the highest quality service possible.

You’re already interested in improving your overall quality of well being. Why not take the plunge and dive a little deeper?

Sign up now for your 10 day certification course that focuses on the Foundations of Ayurveda. National Ayurvedic Medical Association approved, of course!

Sister-Science Social

When you are ready to dig a little deeper, check out the other awesome offerings available at Yoga Veda Institute!

I’ll mentor you as you pursue your Ayurveda Health Counselor certification or as you earn your diploma to become an Ayurveda Health Practitioner.