January 2017 Liberate ThySelf Challenge Day 7: Self-Reflection with a Mudra

Hi Lovely!

Liberate Thyself with Prithvi-Vardhak Mudra.

I Am Liberated!

This mudra helps me to feel grounded and less fearful. Often, I use it as I deal with fears that keep me from teaching yoga. I use it to help me overcome fears regarding relationships, too! This mudra has helped me take a giant leap of faith, even helping me to put myself out here in Social Media Land!

Prithvi-Vardhak Mudra has also been helping me to restore my health from chronic fatigue, helping to heal my overworked adrenal glands, spleen, and kidneys.

Prithvi-Vardhak Mudra is also beneficial in helping me recover from a long-standing Inflammatory disease that some might call Fibromyalgia. In reality, though, changing to a Gluten-free diet seems to have made a huge difference, but since adding Prithvi-Vardhak Mudra, my stomach acidity has been quickly reduced and those ulcers in my stomach are being healed sooner than expected! Since those are what sets off the inflammatory (and pain) response in my body, this mudra is helping me to live my life more fully.

Did I say already?

I Am Liberated.
( I’ll carry that mantra with me until next time!)

Thank you to those who made this opportunity for self-reflection and sharing available to me!

Namaste, Nikki


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