January 2017 Liberate ThySelf Challenge Day 6: An Inverted Self-Reflection

Hi there!

Liberate ThySelf with Viparita Karani

How can I turn my vision into reality? Slowing down long enough to realize there’s something big waiting for me!!

Obvious, right?!

Guess who needs reminders?!

Yep! Me!

I love the much needed restorative benefits from this inversion tonight. I especially love that this pose helps me keep the migraine I’ve been fighting from getting worse! Thank goodness for yoga!

I placed my bolster along the length of my spine below the shoulder blades to create more heart-opening action because…well…I needed that!

This week has left me feeling fatigued. I know when I’m not well-rested, I’m less likely to open myself up to new possibilities. Without an open heart, there is no true calling.

So, what is my vision? As a newly certified yoga instructor, my dream is to show others how yoga can help heal from certain traumas, on all levels of being, just as is happening for me. For now, though, I rest, while I wait patiently for clear direction on how to proceed next.

Viparita Karani reminds me to be still and know that I’m supported and loved. It reminds me to be receptive to my own needs and desires so that I can be fully available to others. Viparita Karani also reminds me to use my energy wisely, and to trust that small voice within for guidance.

Much Love, Nikki


Let me help you begin to heal and help you remember that you, too, are loved!

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