January 2017 Liberate ThySelf Challenge Day 3: GASP! Arm Balance Self-Reflection

Hi Again!

Liberate Thyself with Crow Pose, Crane Pose, or whatever is my variation thereof! (Bakasana)

Last year challenged me to face fears of various forms.


That’s what arm balances bring to mind.
I just began to gather the courage to attempt to practice this arm balance at the end of last year. See what I did there?! 😂 What I mean is, I began to play around with the idea that perhaps…just maybe my bully mind was wrong! What if I stopped listening to the voice in my head yelling “You’ll never be able to do it!” and found I could do arm balances after all?! I remembered that in loving-kindness, I was able to teach my younger son how to do it.

What if I approached my own arm balance practice with that same ahimsa?

Uugh. I did not want to accept this challenge tonight!! I certainly didn’t want pictures taken. Didn’t want to post, but especially didn’t want to see for myself what this pose really looks like!

Here it is though. In the top picture I stop to remind myself:

“Determined LOVE is greater than all fears.” (I love my personal yoga practice. I love sharing yoga with others. I love you!)

So…What I learned…bottom photos show the asana base is not well grounded, unsteady; core and shoulder blades are not fully engaged; and the spine could lengthen more fully.

I’ve learned I can say this as fact, not as self-criticism and then choose to improve (or disregard) those very basic truths as I see them.

I realized that I can be afraid to fall, but it’s more important for me to remember all the times I’ve fallen face down in my moments of being worn down or in my own total surrender, with a renewed determination to get up stronger than ever.

I learned that this pose isn’t picture perfect, but it meant more to me to share with you than to hide from this challenge.

2017…here I come with the willingness to continue facing fears and practicing arm balances. I might fall, but that doesn’t mean I fail.

Namaste, Nikki


Ready to take on your own challenges? New to yoga or want to go deeper? I commit to being a forever student, so I am learning with YOU! I want to learn from you, too!

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