Dressember 2016: Welcome to My Day Twenty-Four

Dressember Day Reflection on Connection

Connections. Little daily interactions with others. How often do we get so busy that we forget to stop and make others feel like they matter?

Christmas just passed, and I was not ready. My tree didn’t even get fully decorated! This year was different than most, though. I just didn’t seem to care so much about making everything as perfect as possible.

No, No! Don’t get me wrong! I care greatly about Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday. I don’t see that ever changing!

Something has changed though. I didn’t let the stuff of Christmas stress me out – the shopping, the materialism, the decorations. I had the most joyous and peaceful Christmas Day ever even though I had things on my mind!

Like those missing a loved one this year and those spending time alone. I was thinking about children being sold into slavery, beaten, tortured, and forced into sexual activity for human traffickers to make money. I was thinking about circumstances that might have led up to all that, and feeling extremely thankful to have a family filled with love! Oh yes! We drive each other crazy, but it’s our crazy!!

I was feeling my heart open to new experiences and new people, and I felt a deepening of already established relationships. I’ve had some awesome response and support from social media friends, many of which I’ve not had a chance to properly respond yet, and I’ve had great conversation from people who want to know why I’ve been wearing dresses every day.

The connections that have been most amazing have been with my Dressember Teammates. You see, where I’m from, women aren’t always very nice to each other. Gossip, backstabbing, jealousy…just a few of the biggest downers I personally experience.

Not with these beautiful ladies! They welcomed me to the team with open arms, and lifted me up and encouraged me every day. They offered support when I struggled and helped me over my fear hurdles. It has been awesome to connect with True Feminine Divine! There REALLY is something about putting on a dress that changes a girl!

It’s not too late to help A21 and IJM make a difference in someone’s life! They’ve made a difference in mine! Come on! Donate! You know you want to!

Namaste, Nikki

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