Dressember 2016: Welcome To My Day Twenty-Three

Another Dressember Day come and gone.

I look at this picture with much disappointment!!

I got distracted by a co-worker headed upstairs. I lost the mindful awareness of bringing asana into into my everyday activity. You know! Just for fun! Tree pose when brushing my teeth, Warrior III when washing my hands, chair is great at the water jug, hero pose works well playing on the floor with my grandson, legs up the wall to read a good book. Tadasana or Mountain Pose should be seen in this picture. But NO!! That sway in my lumbar spine means I forgot to watch my posture!! My commitment was broken.

Commitments get broken. You know what I’m talking about! I have had plans with a friend but friend suddenly can’t go when something more fun comes along.  People make promises and then walk away as if they never had any real any intention to keep them. Kid sports, music lessons, and other activities come and go as quickly as they change their minds about favorite foods and tv shows!

Oh no! I’m not broken-commitment-guilt-free!

I over-schedule and over-commit until I am so overwhelmed I get physically sick. I have hurt people’s feelings because I have no option other than withdrawing  into total isolation to recuperate and regroup. Try as I might, I don’t make it to my yoga mat every single night for X amount of time. Instead I might practice going deeper in downward dog on my potty breaks at work or practice yoga nidra or somatic meditation in bed. Good grief! I am hesitant to commit to window coverings, and even my commitment to Dressember wasn’t easy to follow through!

A21 and IJM are fully committed to raising awareness of human trafficking, helping to stop it, rescuing victims, and helping victims find a “New” life without trafficking trauma. I started “DRESSING” a few days late. Even so, what I learned was so horrific most of the toughest grown men wouldn’t be able to stomach. The folks over at A21 and IJM are committed day in and day out. Every Single Day! I can’t express my gratitude enough!

I’m already planning to to commit to Dressember 2017, and I sincerely hope you, Dear Reader, will consider joining our team!

Until next year, care to donate tax free?! Come on…you know you want to! 😏 Donate here ! PLEASE?!

Namaste, Nikki


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