Dressember 2016: Welcome to My Day Twenty-two


Wow! What an experience this has been! I realized I’m actually sad it’s coming to an end!

I’m a reader. I love to study. I love research. I love to think. This is both good and bad. Good because I will be a forever student, and all the best (yoga) teachers are 😂 It’s bad because I can get too caught up in my head, thinking and overanalyzing, which has too often taken me out of my heart’s center.

That’s been impossible to do with Dressember! Raising awareness for human trafficking has opened my eyes to some horrific facts, many of which involve children. Young ones naturally already have my heart, but these particular ones involved in sex exchange…they need help, in the most desperate ways!! I cannot stand the thought of any one of these children continuing on being abused…and tortured for non-compliance.

The knowledge I’ve gained while studying statistics has created even more space in my heart, and I think it’s opening me up in other ways, too.

I remembered when I was young, I planned to go into psychology. I very specifically wanted to work with women and child victims of abuse, and those that suffered from addictions, too. I let Life get in my way, but never really lost that desire. I just buried it very, very deep!! Anyone with suggestions on how use my yoga passion to help, please, share! 😀

Tonight, though. I feel very blessed and very grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of Team Sunflowers and Snow. It has given me an opportunity to take a stand for the very thing that I felt called to do so very long ago.

Thank you each and everyone for all you have done to support our team! Thank you for helping to raise awareness to how real the problem of human trafficking is! Thank you for being part of the effort to help bring slavery to an end! Thank you for your helping to rescue victims of human trafficking and providing access to healing!

It’s not too late to help A21 and IJM make a difference! Donate here!

Or simply keep on with your “Likes” and Shares!

**Logan, your commitment has been amazing!! Thank you for all those days you encouraged me to just take the photo already!! Thank you for your dedication and your time!




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