Dressember 2016: Welcome to My Day Seventeen

Dressember Stay Home All Day Saturday

See me taking a break during my full day of laundry and yet another attempt to restore order in the chaos that is my home? I look rough. Pictures should always be taken at the beginning of my day!! However, there has been some progress made, I am happy to say. I’m not sure, but is wearing a dress on my housework days helping somehow to get more done?! Hmmm…something to think about!

Mu daughter hung pictures that I’ve had sitting around forever. I got busy and forgot to eat, as usual so she also made sure I was fed. My Little Man helped with laundry. I’m thankful for them!

I’m also feeling thankful for friends tonight. My Little Man has kids in our safe neighborhood to go outside and play with. My Girl got a call from a friend she hasn’t heard from in a year or so, and I heard her giggle. I had an unexpected visit from a most precious person who always lifts me up and ignores my flaws, and I got to chat via text with another someone who offers me hope and brightens my day.

I am also very, very thankful for TBI, IJM, and A21. They are sincere in their efforts to help stop modern day slavery!

Last day for Davidson County info, as per TBI Newsroom,

Please take note that Knoxville is mentioned below!

jNASHVILLE – A three-day operation by Special Agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and partner agencies to combat human trafficking in Nashville has resulted in the arrest of 41 individuals on prostitution-related charges; 34 men, six women and one juvenile. More than half of those men tried to buy sex from a minor. The Nashville anti-trafficking operation, called “Operation Someone Like Me”, is the sixth of its kind in the state between the TBI and partner agencies to help identify, investigate and prosecute trafficking, and rescue victims. Those arrested include a high school teacher, a college football player, a truck driver, a student and a state IT Specialist.


Since “Operation Someone Like Me” began in May 2015, there have been 143 arrests/ citations.

The investigation was conducted in Brentwood/ Clarksville, Jackson, Chattanooga (twice, once in conjunction with Georgia Bureau of Investigation), Knoxville and Nashville.

During the three-day trafficking operation in Nashville, 485 men responded to the ads we posted on Backpage.com. There were a total of 5,367 communication interactions made to TBI undercover Agents:

*Tuesday texts – 1,232

*Wednesday texts – 2,474

*Thursday texts – 1,127

*Total phone calls – 534

Want to help raise awareness?

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