Dressember 2016: Welcome to my Day Sixteen

When I want to spend all day in prayer and meditation to help ease suffering and to better understand my direction…

…but I have to go file executions instead.

I can’t carry tears in a vase, but I do hold the hurt and broken ones in a very special space.

Victims of human trafficking, in particular, this Dressember Day, child victims of sex exploitation, are in my heart. I have all my babies home, but there is someone out there missing a child. If no longer physically because of rescue efforts of A21 and IJM, then emotionally and spiritually. And then there’s the loss of innocence. Yes, in my opinion, even a not-so-innocent being, say a defiant troubled runaway who’s done what’s needed to be done to survive alone, still can lose an innocence on a whole other level.

I feel the pain, almost as if it’s my own, every day I have put on a dress this month. Some days it has taken everything I’ve got to follow through on my commitment. It is easier to be ignorant, to be unaware. Ignorance is bliss, but a child needs help. Today.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation reports Davidson County to have the highest documented counts of human trafficking. That doesn’t mean that’s the point of origination, though. It is an interstate hop spot, and Davidson County officials happen to be on top of it!

NASHVILLE  – Special Agents in the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s Human Trafficking Unit, working alongside local and federal partners, have arrested and charged a Nashville man accused of trafficking a 12-year-old from Texas for the purposes of commercial sex. He was charged with two counts of Trafficking for a Commercial Sex Act, a Class A felony.

NASHVILLE – An operation to combat human trafficking in Nashville, conducted by Special Agents with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and partner agencies, has resulted in the indictment of 11 men who are charged with patronizing prostitution from a person who is a minor. The Davidson County Grand Jury, returned indictments charging 11 of those individuals with Patronizing Prostitution from a minor, punishable under Tennessee’s Human Trafficking law (Trafficking for Commercial Sex Act).

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