Dressember 2016: Welcome To My Day Ten

Migraine, Migraine go away. I don’t have time for you today.

I must go to work. I want to see my boy play. So, please go on your merry way.

That Number Two, he sure is cute. I absolutely love to watch him shoot.

I will fight you. Again and again. Not to try would be a sin.

Your chronic fatigue can go, too. My life’s busy,  chaotic, like a zoo.

No matter what you choose, I say today,

I’m not going to lose,

This opportunity for Dressember Day.

You want to know why? Well I’m glad you asked.

Let me give you some facts and stats.

From Polaris:

Sex traffickers use violence, threats, lies, debt bondage, and other forms of coercion to compel adults and children to engage in commercial sex acts against their will.
The situations that sex trafficking victims face vary dramatically. Many victims become romantically involved with someone who then forces or manipulates them into prostitution. Others are lured in with false promises of a job, such as modeling or dancing. Some are forced to sell sex by their parents or other family members. They may be involved in a trafficking situation for a few days or weeks, or may remain in the same trafficking situation for years.

Globally, the International Labor Organization estimates that there are 4.5 million people trapped in forced sexual exploitation globally.
In a 2014 report, the Urban Institute estimated that the underground sex economy ranged from $39.9 million in Denver, Colorado, to $290 million in Atlanta, Georgia.

As a mom, this greatly saddens me.

Will you please take a stand with me?

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*Logan, thank you for your continued support by faithfully taking my photo each day this week. Thank you for enouraging me when I didn’t really feel it!!

Much Love,



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