Dressember 2016: Welcome to My Day Eight

I am a Giddy Girl on this Dressember Day!

THANK YOU to everyone who has “Liked” and “Shared” our Dressember posts. THANK YOU for your comments, compliments, and kindness. Taking this stand puts me out of my comfort zone in a mighty big way, so YOU have encouraged me greatly!! THANK YOU for my photographers, Logan, Rachel, and My Little Man. THANK YOU, Melissa West and Dr. Kate Flynn, for helping face my fears! THANK YOU to those who send private messages and texts. You carry me through my day when I start to doubt my decision to do this. THANK YOU for those of you who are simply reading these posts. I know many of your hearts are with me and you are carrying me in prayers. How do I know? I can feel it.

Whoo Hoo!!

Dressember Team Sunflowers and Snow met our goal of $1,000.00!! We’ve surpassed it, and we’re not stopping yet!!

I want to THANK YOU for all the generous donations, especially to Anonymous who donated through my link. All monies collected will be used by International Justice Mission and A21 to rescue victims of human trafficking.

According to A21, every 30 seconds, someone becomes a victim of modern-day slavery. There are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in human history,


Only 1-2% of human trafficking victims are ever rescued.

The average age of the human trafficking victim is 12 YEARS OLD.

Folks, that means that IF they are able to survive, most pre-teens being brutally forced into sex exploitation and laboring in the manufacturing of goods are living the majority of their lives this way. Help us Help them!!

We are Sunflowers and Snow. Melissa West, Jenn Ashton, Madeline Hilde Sicinski, Nicci Rea, Harmony Darling, Aynne Johnston, Laura Moyer and I would love to have you join our team here Sunflowers and Snow, or you can Donate, or simply “Like” and “Share” any Dressember posts you see!

Much, Much Love and Gratitude,



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