Dressember 2016 Welcome to My Day 1

My daughter saw my dress this morning and asked if I was going to a funeral. I told her “Well, I AM going to work and a piece of my soul dies every day I’m not living my passion. Find yours and find a way to make a living doing it!”

My response may have been just a wee bit smart alecky,  but later I got to thinking perhaps she was right! 

After all, I am laying to rest parts of my Ego here, as I finally join my Sunflowers and Snow teammates in #Dressember. You know! The parts of me who hate having my picture made and live with chronic anxiety. The part who hates asking others to help. The parts who would rather have on yoga pants or maybe a long flowy skirt and sleep longer than deal with hair and make up. The parts who sit silently (and enviously) wishing she could do something more except pray and send good vibes and on occasion pull out the checkbook to make a donation. The parts who worry about what others think and feel certain that nothing she could do would make a difference anyway. 
Well, to those parts I say Rest in Peace. I have had people advocate on my behalf on several occasions. I have awesome people in my life now who are helping me start to learn to use my voice. I’ve chosen to use my new gift and allow my own experiences aid me in helping others. It is time for me to pay it forward. 

What do you know about modern day slavery? Think it doesn’t exist?

Each day throught the month, I’ll give you a bit of info on human trafficking, and give you a chance to show support by making a donation, joining our team, and helping spread awareness by liking and sharing.

I hope you’ll help me catch up with the rest of my gorgeous team!

Thank you to my friend and co-worker Logan, for being my willing photographer!! 

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