Full Moon Energy and an Uninvited Guest

The powerful energy of the full moon has my creative energies going in a million different directions when it comes to putting material together for yoga classes, updating my profiles on yoga platforms, studying for an online course I am taking on the Yamas and Niyamas, designing a yoga sequence for my athletic 10 year old son who has just had his first visit chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Kate Flynn, and my own homework assignments for her.

I am getting over a little stomach bug that my precious toddler grandson who lives with me so generously shared with the whole household, so I have resolved to rest today, to the best of my ability. I am not worrying about housework at all, just resting. While I do love a gorgeous full moon, and it was gorgeous indeed last night, its energy was extremely, yet irritatingly intense once coupled with the lingering discomfort of my virus and the fibromyalgic symptoms brought on no doubt by a popular hydrating sports drink. (Lesson learned! I will from here on out always have coconut water on hand!) I was beyond restless last night, and remain that way today.

To counter the moon’s effects on all my energetic levels, I am taking a relatively quiet day, with little interaction with other people. I am practicing meditation and looking forward to a hot detox bath as bedtime nears. I find that during any full moon, it helps me to keep anxiety and overwhelm at bay if I keep to myself as much as possible, my body at ease as much as possible, and allow my thoughts to be expressed through journaling, blogging, and planning.

While I long for a yoga asana practice today, though, my pain-ridden, nauseated body just might not cooperate, and I will have to accept that, for today, that is just how it is. It saddens me, but it will pass soon enough! If I allow myself this time of rest, that is. Perhaps I will find gratitude as the day progresses for the visitors that invaded my body to require me to rest.

REST. It doesn’t come easy for me. I don’t sleep well. I never have. I am constantly on the move. I don’t sit still for long and if I do, I am usually working on the “I have-to’s”.

Today I am practicing sitting still, only to do what I enjoy doing. That is, bringing about healing on all levels of my being, creating yoga-related healing material for myself and others, and enjoying the day. While it may be work, and mostly unpaid at that, it is what fuels my passion, and helps to restore my balance. It is where my heart is. When my heart is at peace, I am at rest.

As part of my creations this weekend, I created a short introductory for this week’s Daily Yoga Connection in the membership area of Dr. Melissa West‘s Yoga Membership site. To see the finished product you have to go there, but I want to share with you how my son’s sweet giggles brought me out of the anxiety I felt about being in front of the camera. I hope you enjoy the silly little mommy/son interaction this video clip. It is out of my comfort zone to share, but that’s real life, real OCD problems, and real goofiness, real laughter. That is that kind of real, the kind of authenticity, that I hope to portray as I continue on to share my yoga passion.

Take time out today for you, to play, to laugh, to rest.

Love and Light!


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