The Coffee Cup That Speaks to Me

​Every day for several weeks, I have seen this reminder, as I sip my morning coffee at work. 

Every day I’ve thought about all the excuses I’ve made for myself through the years about teaching yoga. Now is not the time. My kids need me too much. I don’t have the support. I can’t afford the training. I’m not good enough. My anxiety will never let me actually teach yoga. The list goes on and on. 

It took me 20 plus years to finally gain the courage and give myself permission to take a training. I knew I wanted it for me, so went into it last year with the goal to increase my own knowledge and deepen my practice. I set a date months ago to teach UT’s yoga club, knowing I was still to afraid to actually do it. I’m comfortable enough teaching one on one, but this was gonna be me, alone, in front of people! 

I thought back to the only semester that I barely got through there. It was just too big and overwhelming. I had such severe panic attacks, I couldn’t go to class unless I knew for sure I would be the first one in the classroom. 

I made my commitment anyway, knowing it would be good incentive to strive to be ready by then. Well the date came yesterday. I felt anxious, but was not paralyzed. By the end of class the room FULL of kids were trying their first mudra and pranayama practice, which sent them into giggles. Just that alone made it worth not chickening out! 

I appreciate their willingness to explore the new and weird! I feel fortunate to have been able to share their space. 

But guess what? I got to go back today, to teach at the Yogafest on campus, which was open to all students and staff. Not only was I more relaxed teaching, but I got to participate in my own first Laughter Yoga class, which was perfect for my prescription to laugh from Dr. Kate Flynn. 

What’s my point in all this? Go Follow Your Dreams. No. Don’t. Go CHASE them! Time passes by quickly. Find your passion NOW. Live it to the fullest every day. Nothing is impossible when you become stronger than your strongest excuse.

Love and Light,


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