A Heavy Heart Kind of Night

​Sometimes, I feel pulled in too many directions. I feel alone, even though I’m surrounded by people. Some have my best interest at heart, some don’t. I get that. I’m even OK with that. 

I’m saddened when I see people finger point instead of take responsibility for their own stuff. That’s everywhere I turn around. I’m especially hurt when the ones I love the most choose to twist things around, making me the only one at fault. Obviously, I am not powerful enough to take credit for EVERYTHING that goes wrong in other peoples’ lives or even in my owm. I should be flattered that I’m thought of as such, though! 

It’s time for me to recommit this promise to myself, as I make every attempt to stand in my own integrity. Others may knock me down, and I might even rest there for a while. Only The One watching over me knows how extremely exhausted I am, after all!! When I choose to stand back up, I’ll stand firm, stronger than ever, in fact. I’ll do this as long as it takes to make me fool-proof. 

I’ll have faith that all things work for my highest good, and in turn for those who are a part of my life. I may not be perfect, but I am perfectly designed to withstand much more than once I ever believed. 

Breathe, surrender, trust. That’s all I’ve got.

Love and Light,


2 thoughts on “A Heavy Heart Kind of Night

  1. Janice Roebuck says:

    Absolutely ! Even when we know these “facts”, it can still be difficult to live them. So, I acknowledge your difficulty and admire your courage and wisdom. One step at a time, baby steps when needed, one day at a time. Namaste, Jannie

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