Who Can Benefit From Yoga?

I get asked often about yoga. People are curious. Or perhaps they are just trying to figure me out! Either way…I am happy to share!
I have been asked if yoga can help with weight loss. I have been asked if someone who is heavy into strength training can practice yoga. I have heard people say they are too inflexible for yoga or too fat or too old or they have been too inactive for too long. I have heard people talk about not being able to exercise at all because of an injury.
Here’s the truth. Yoga is for every body. Anybody at all! Yoga can benefit all ages, stages, and constitutions.
While there is a long list of benefits with statistics and scientific proof (which I happen to find fascinating) I’ll just give you a brief summary of what yoga can do for people of all ages.
  • In children, yoga helps release built up energy, helps develop and maintain mental clarity and focus, and helps to develop a healthy sense of self. Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle and mindset, giving children necessary tools to navigate life’s highway at an easy pace. I am currently teaching my youngest son how to deal with his anxiety by using breathing techniques, mudras, mantras and affirmations.
  • Yoga and teenagers. My, oh my! I get tickled at my own teenage daughter. I catch her in tree pose or hear her tell her little brother how to watch out for his knee in the same pose. Occasionally I hear her chant or sing mantra instead of belting out her usual songs, but she denies practicing yoga. It’s ok, though, because I know she’s developing a compassionate heart and connecting with Spirit in her own way, and she, in turn, is going out into the world to share the love she is growing in. She also helps me in a yogic artist’s way learn to be more patient and kind to myself by making meditative mandalas with me. She becomes my teacher! I have seen first-hand how yoga can help a teenage girl balance hormones, foster a positive self-image, increase feelings of self-worth, improve concentration, and behave in ways that are wise beyond her years because she has learned not to react to difficult situations based on fleeting emotions.
  • In adults yoga helps to counteract all the high tech gear problems that develop from texting, typing/mousing, and gaming. From carpal tunnel syndrome, to vision problems and from tight hips to neck tension, yoga helps to correct and eliminate problems brought about by too much screen time. Yoga also helps to increase muscle tone and flexibility, and it can help to reduce body weight. Yoga in adults helps to create a healthy mindset that may have been forgotten through the years and helps to maintain it. Yoga helps adults get back in touch with their child-like imagination and creative. Many adults become complacent, settling for less than what they deserve. They don’t think there are any other options, yet yoga helps break habitual patterns in thoughts and actions by re-wiring the brain. Please note: I am resisting the urge to go all nerdy here! Yoga can help manage stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Seniors benefit from yoga, too! Through yoga, the body can continue moving in the gentlest way possible thus helping the brain to maintain healthy function.
Yoga at any age can be adapted for specific physical needs. No flexibility? No problem! There are ways to create space in the body to allow for more ease in movement. Physical injuries can be cared for without sacrificing movement for the rest of the body. A yoga practice can even be designed for someone confined to a chair or bed.
Perhaps someone is already strong in a workout regimen. Yoga can help supplement and reduce injury to body builders, runners, climbers, and cyclists. Yoga brings into balance strength and flexibility necessary for healthy muscles and joints. Incorporating yoga into an existing workout can help bring better and longer-lasting results.
Still not convinced yoga is something attainable for you? Are you thinking about exploring yoga’s benefits for you, but lacking energy or motivation or just don’t know where to start? Send me an e-mail at nnitzband@gmail.com or call me at 865-207-4097. Let’s talk about it and work together to create a practice that works with you, for you!


4 thoughts on “Who Can Benefit From Yoga?

  1. Janice Roebuck says:

    Excellent, Nikki ! I totally agree. My yoga does not look sexy or impressive, but it is still beautiful and amazing. I started “trying” yoga in my early 50’s. I used books and videos and then eventually found a yoga teacher on the internet that made all the difference in the world. she taught real yoga for real people- and I am as real as it gets. I have done weight lifting since in my 20’s and continue to. Yoga has greatly helped my weight training. I have always, always been inflexible in my body. But, I can do yoga for my body and I have seen a lot of improvement. Yoga has been a huge part of my recovering from breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and chest opening poses have been instrumental in my ability to remain open and my scar not restricting and becoming tight. I could go on and on- because I LOVE yoga! I just wanted to also recommend an amazing book- Peaceful Weightloss Through Yoga. I LOVE this book. As a recovering compulsive binge eater, this book has helped more than any program I have tried. Namaste, Jannie

  2. prakrtiyoga says:

    Dear Jannie,

    Would that yoga teacher happen to be Dr. Melissa West?! Please feel free to talk about our beautiful teacher and where you and I originally connected! I am proud to link to Melissa’s Free Videos here http://www.melissawest.com, and get ready for a few things on her membership site! (Mustering up courage as I type this!) 🙂

    Thank you for the book recommendation. My Kindle Edition just completed its download! Yoga helped me recover from the other end of the spectrum, but all food/weight issues like ours really seem to stem from the same place. (Let’s just keep it between us that I am presently sitting with a spoon and a jar of Nutella!!) I know this book will not only a be a helpful teaching resource, but also a great personal reminder about how yoga has helped me begin to find acceptance for my own body!

    I love how yoga has helped you recover from breast cancer. What I love most is that I have had the privilege to hear about some of it. Would it be fair for me to say that your spirit and your emotional heart were also prevented from becoming tight and restricted? I admire most how your Faith never wavered!

    You are a beautiful, and you inspire me! You have plenty of space here to sing yoga’s praises, so go on and on all you want! 🙂

    Love and Light,

    • Prakrti Yoga says:

      Yes, absolutely! Yoga can help with weigh loss. However, I encourage finding a teacher who promotes a healthy body image. In my own experience, I have found that the more I become comfortable in my own body, just as it is in any given moment, the kinder I treat it with healthy foods and appropriate exercise.

      Another, Yes! I encourage those who are heavy into strength training to practice Yoga. Yoga can help balance their strength with flexibility, which creates a more mobile environment in the joints, keeping ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and even wrists free from injury. As the body ages, the proper balance between strength and flexibility is even more important.

      Please accept my apologies for this very late response. For some reason, I have just seen it.

      Thank you for your questions.


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