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My name is Nikki, and I am a mother of three (mostly) wonderful children and a grandchild who I am also helping to raise. I first came to yoga about 24 years ago when I discovered meditation and by accident, also discovered my ability to transfer energy to bring calm and healing to others. My practice was not consistent then, and several years later, I once again came to yoga, this time through yoga asana. I had fallen prey to the clutches of a vicious eating disorder and began my healing through gentle yoga exercise. After several months of practice, I heard myself say “I want to share yoga with others. I have gone through all this stuff for a reason, and I may be able to help others…somehow, some day.”
Time pressed on, and my family grew. Time for myself was the last thing on my mind. My practiced waxed and waned, but my passion only grew stronger. I studied books and videos, teaching myself in my living room every chance I got. I finally decided about three years ago, that all my kids were old enough to understand that I needed to pursue my deepest desire, but understood that it would be a huge change for them if I was not available to them at any given minute. I took my time to research the best yoga teacher training programs available around me while I developed the courage to start practicing outside of my own home and reaching out to other like-minded individuals.
Well, twice, I had decided on what seemed to be perfect teacher training programs for me, and twice those fell through. The first time because of an unexpected surprise and feeling that the time was not right to travel weekends to a different state, and the second time because the awesome teacher I wanted to study with needed to take her yogic wisdom in a direction to heed a calling that better suited to her family’s needs. I got to witness that beautiful lady’s courage and faith which only inspired me more. I had no idea what I was going to do next, but I took a chance and applied to a teacher training program at a studio that I had never stepped foot in, thinking to myself if the timing is right I will get accepted into the program. I did get accepted, and 200 hours later I am certified to teach. Finally!
I will continue in my personal studies and continue practicing what I learned in teacher training. If all goes as I hope, I will continue on to more certifiable hours. I love attending workshops and connecting with other teachers, but I also feel that students are the best teachers of all. This teaching thing is still very new to me, and it has taken a very long time for my mind to start to switch over from student to teacher. I will forever be a student, but my heart says it is now time to share what I love.


2 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Jannie says:

    I am so happy for you, Nikki. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your blog. Namaste, Jannie

    • prakrtiyoga says:

      Thank YOU!! Your part in the community that helped me begin to find my voice and start following my heart is greater than you realize! Thank you for your light in my life!
      Much gratitude,

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